Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

We have many pets in our home – some are furry, some are scaly and some are wet. They amount to 35 animals of 7 different species. That’s a lot! We decided to make a business out of it, and here is how my first job went.

It was our son’s new primary school teacher who suggested it to us, we had not thought of it. As we were having his nursery school interview, he mentioned the animals, and we told her about them all. “You should take them around schools,” she said, “We pay £350 for a visit from the animal man!”

Well we love animals, and we love sharing our animals, especially with children. Kids just love critters! So being the enterprising person I am, and having a love for the subject, and needing to make money to support my family – as I am still signed off sick with health problems – I set to work straight away. I enquired about the viability, I looked at other websites selling the service and realised we had the capability between us to do this successfully.

The first thing that I did was to set up a website for the business and get us on line. I used a pricing structure that would undercut all of our competitors and therefore make us more desirable to potential customers. The idea was to bring animals to children – including schools, fairs and fetes, children’s birthday parties, special needs, old peoples homes (not children, but something a little different for them) plus my own twist on it – helping those with a fear of animals overcome that fear! That will, I’m sure, in time become our competitive edge. We also need to be insured and checked as safe by the government department responsible for children. All done! snakes for sale

The website launched had a very high visitor rate in the first few hours, and we are now sure that this business will be a hit for us. Many visitors were checking availability and pricing which shows the potential interest in this particular service in our area. Plus we have 3 young children of our own so have experience of children handling animals, and our 3 absolutely adore the animals we have and our youngest wants a tarantula for his 4th birthday!!!! So they love exotic animals.

Today we went to our local reptile stockist, who help, advise, support and supply us with our more exotic species. We went to pay the final deposit on a new lizard, and an initial deposit on a new snake – the latter as a result of this new venture of ours. We have to pay in installments, as our funds are low and in short supply! Whilst we were there, the proprietor of the business – who knows about our venture – explained that she was about to visit a local school fair with some reptiles for the children there to handle. She was dreading it, and asked given the nature of our new venture, if I would care to come along and help. There was no charge, and therefore no payment – it was completely voluntary. Well, I jumped at the chance

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